Kevin Bacon's Zen Energy
For a horse calmer, more focused with the same energy

Given its status as prey in the wild, the horse is a highly sensitive animal, one that is naturally anxious and fearful. Before domestication, it depended on its ability to flee in time and as fast as possible. The horse’s instincts thus keep all its senses on the alert. Any potential threat in the environment can trigger panic, a sudden reaction, and/or flight.


Stress and anxiety in a horse can stem from several causes: confinement, lack of fodder, weaning, transport, a change in routine, competitions, sudden unexpected noise, and so on. Some horses are more sensitive to such stimuli than others. This is dependent on genetics, education and the environment, amongst other things.



To help nervous or excessively fearful horses, our laboratories have developed Zen Energy, a water and alcohol solution using a unique mixture of plant extracts that are recognised for their calming action. This appetising, easy-to-administer recipe is recommended to calm horses that are stressed or anxious or to offset a lack of self-confidence.


Zen Energy is greatly appreciated by a very large number of international show-jumper riders, who find that their horses are more calm, serene and concentrated, but without losing any of the energy that they need to jump in Grand Prix events.




Zen Energy may be used :


in preparation for a situation that is likely to trigger stress (change of surroundings, transport, stressful event, weaning, breaking, etc.);

- if you horse lacks self-confidence;

- if your horse is quickly distracted, nervous, anxious, hypersensitive or excessively fearful.


With Zen Energy, your horse is more calm, serene and concentrated, yet maintains the same energy level! Zen Energy can thus be given to cold-blooded horses!



If you have any doubts about using it, contact your veterinarian.

Zen Energy is not a medicinal substance and in no event does it replace medication that may be needed to treat a horse’s health problems.


This product is not a doping agent and may thus be used during official competitions.